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4:21 p.m. - 2006-06-30
sketch, end of june update
friday june 30.

a sketch from this morning. I'm really the worst conference call attendee of all time; usually I'm either drawing or shoe shopping online.

so anyway. . . . I am seriously considering going back to school. more and more I find myself wishing I had more tools to figure out what it is I really want to do. and I'm wondering if grad school could give that to me.

when I mention to people that I miss school, I think they automatically assume I mean, "college lifestyle going to the bar every night" kind of thing. but what most fail to remember about me is that my "social life" for the greater part of college revolved around the library and bible studies, with some perkins and dairy queen thrown in for good measure. I'm a big nerd. and really always have been. I miss art history class, I miss sitting in a dark room looking at slides of paintings made five hundred years ago. i miss research, if you can believe it. and maybe I am romanticizing school a bit, yeah, but is there anything I *don't* romanticize?

the past month has been good: two friendly weddings, one right after the other. seeing my best friend who was in town for a conference, a nice surprise in the middle of my week. sewing a little. reading a lot and going to bed late. standard summery stuff.

so that's a rambly two paragraphs about where I am right now.

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