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3:06 p.m. - 2006-07-31
iowa weekend, friendship, projectrunway
monday, july 31.

so. it's Monday & the hottest day of the year. what is happening in my office? oh yeah, the air conditioning isn't working. so in the spirit of not accomplishing anything today, I'll tell you about my weekend. but since my brain is a little melty, it probably won't be very linear or well written. okay!

Iowa!! this weekend in Iowa I went to pretty much all the places and saw a good majority of all the people I cherish. in less than 48 hours. i love iowa. when I was driving home the corn fields at dusk were so pretty I wanted to cry. I probably did actually.

so the purpose of the weekend. . . it was my friend Mindy's bridal shower/bachelorette in Ames. yay!! saw some friends I haven't seen in 3-4 years, caught up, went to my old favorite bar and felt like I had time travelled to the summer of 2002. good times all around.

on my way back from ames I stopped to see my best friend. she made banana bread and we talked about having babies. lately I've been actually feeling like a grown up. at least emotionally, not career wise of course. anyway. I also stopped at Ransom's in iowa city to meet Harry the dog. we took the dog for a walk, i ate a pudding cup and Ransom played Guitar Hero. I also became intensely envious of the mature grape vines in his backyard. I would totally try and make my own wine if I had that.

that's my weekend! it was good.

oh, and a p.s. So i know it's ultimately lame, but I'm so obsessed with the new season of Project Runway I had a dream about Tim Gunn and some of the contestants last night. it's only monday and I can't wait until wednesday night.

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