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12:49 p.m. - 2005-03-03
beer on my coat, joe picture
Thursday March 3.

they say every picture tells a story. well, there's a picture of me here, on my roommate's photoblog, that tells a pretty good one.

as you can see by the extra large bottle of advil on the table, I had cramps yesterday. (sorry boys who do not like to hear about girl troubles!) That contributed to my getting nothing done at work and having a hell of a day.

but I came home, talked to my fiance/lifecoach, chilled out a bit, went to wednesday night church, and was back to normal. then I decided to get out of my lameness rut and actually go out. I had chicken wings and stella, it was great. good times.

then as we were leaving, this girl gave me a hug and spilled dark beer down the back of my white coat. which brings us to the photo of me having a prissy-fit, Shout-Wiping beer off my coat.

what a day!

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