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3:10 p.m. - 2005-03-04
friday, roma, three things
Friday, March 4.

last night i made an angel food cake with strawberries, and whippedcream/creamcheese frosting. i brought it to work today. it's lure knows no boundaries; i'm going to get another piece as soon as I finish typing this.

my college crew is planning a Five Year Reunion in Rome. 2006, so close, yet so far away. it's filling up my inbox today with cheerful friendly emails*. which is so excellent. February and March are the months of Inconsistent Cheerfulness. it's starting to take it's toll.

*email excerpt: "Somebody write the Pope to tell him not to die until we get back."

Good Lord I miss college today. I miss the cycling of it, enforced changes on a semesterly basis. Spring break and summer break. I need a little sunshine and a little old-fashioned debauchery. Somebody should have told me about three years ago that real life is for suckas.

Three pictures of things that are spurring me on.



napa valley

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