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10:42 p.m. - 2005-03-10
things I'm obsessed with, scarf, work
Thursday, March 10.

I've been lame recently. even my dreams are boring. It's the result of working til 9 every night. Worst ever.

so I bought myself a present:

it's a scarf by Kilometer, from cutxpaste. I've always admired cutxpaste but never bought anything until now. A little treat for myself. I'm definitely feelin' the soft grey and light blue right now.

When I get really busy I tend to overfixate on things that probably don't deserve fixation. Such as:

1. the aforementioned Burger King commercial. thank goodness for Fox, they air it during almost every Simpsons commercial break. it makes me happy.

2. pom wonderful pomegranate juice. if you've ever fantasized about going broke simply by drinking juice, this is the way to go. at $4 a pop, it ain't cheap. But it's kind of worth obsessing over. The first sip didn't blow me away, but now I kind of wish I could have it pumped into me intravenously for those long cubicle hours.

I dig the mango pomegranate flavour best, the tangerine is okay, too.

3. cadbury mini eggs. but this is my eastertime obsession every year. I bought three bags at Target yesterday and I need to go back for reinforcements already.

4. coming up with outrageous ways of quitting my job. while I will most likely wuss out on all of them, who couldn't use a little job-quitting daydream?

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