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8:57 p.m. - 2006-03-14
belle and sebastian concert, bar story
tuesday, march 14.

Milwaukee weekend: I was pretty surprised by how large the city of Milwaukee actually is. Maybe I was confusing it with Madison?

Anyway, Mike and I headed up north Saturday afternoon. Checked into the hotel and wandered around the downtown area for a bit. One of the most awesome things about downtown Milwaukee is the abundance of stores full of pimped out clothing, big purple suits and shoes with spats and stuff. Quality.

I kind of wish I would have taken pictures because I feel like I'm getting really terrible about describing things. . .

We ended up going to a brewery for dinner, and the best part was getting seated in the downstairs bar, which pretty much looked like someone's parents basement, seriously. Wood paneling, a big TV in the corner with an old leather couch in front of it, a dart board. But it did have one thing your parents basement doesn't have . . . really good chicken wings.

Then the show. I'm super glad now that I got tickets. I will say, it's not like Belle and Sebastian put on the best rock show of all time, but they really are my favorite band and I'm just glad I finally got to see them live. Only regret: not standing closer to the front. They pulled girls on stage to dance to "Sukie in the Graveyard," but I was way too far back. Which is a tragedy, since I've been practicing my dance moves to that song almost every day for the past two months. (not joking.) Yeah, that would have been sweet.

And Mike was glad because New Pornographers opened and they're way more his speed.

And here's where it gets good: after the show we actually went back to the brewery, which was just around the block, for a few drinks. We've been there maybe half an hour and all the dudes from New Pornographers (no Neko) walk in and sit in a booth behind us. Mike, to his credit, decides to send them a round of drinks. So we do. Ten minutes later the drummer walks over and introduces himself, and hangs out with us for a while. He is very Canadian. He and Mike talked about ice hockey for what felt like a hundred years. . . . we also talked about the ridiculous prices of real estate. I realize these are not rocking conversation topics, but it was enjoyable anyway. That dude can flip a drumstick around his finger like nobody's business.

Since I am embarassingly dorky about stuff like this, I saved the receipt (they had two bloody marys and two scotchs on the rocks). I'm probably going to put it in my scrapbook. Feel free to make fun of me the next time you see me.

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