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4:03 p.m. - 2005-03-22
quick list
tuesday march 22.

I hate writing here when I don't feel like writing but feel like I need to. so, a list of ten things:

1. went to a minor league hockey game this weekend. it was great: indoor fireworks, t-shirts being thrown into the crowd, hearing all the current pop hits between plays and realizing I never listen to the radio anymore. It was fun.

2. it's too cold. it makes me crabby. which leads to

3. I'm starting to get to that end of winter point where I honestly believe it will never get warm again. I've relegated myself to living in a land of perpetual cold. springtime better get here soon and shake me out of this funk.

4. I felt sick and gross when I woke up this morning, but we had an "important" meeting at 10:30 so I dragged myself to the office. Turns out my boss decided not to come in. Grrrreat.

5. i made chocolate Tiramisu this weekend. It was really good, I ate about half of it in two days.

6. The wedding is 68 days away and I have yet to complete the invitations. this makes me nervous nervous nervous. I have to get this done this week. Same for my (eek!) dress alterations. I am the worst bride ever.

7. mike and I had our first premarital counseling session last night. I don't think I'd call it fun, but it wasn't a drag. The only problem we have so far is Lack of Problems. We had to fill out this list of three "Strength Areas" and three "Growth Areas" of our relationship and we both had a hard time coming up with three growth areas that needed improvement. I hope this doesn't sound all La La La, We're so Great, because I know things will change at some point. For now though, it has been pretty smooth sailing between the two of us.

8. ten things for a list is a really stupid thing to choose when you don't feel like typing.

9. I really need to make my wedding invitations. and do everything else on this list.

10. I really really need to do those things. really.

ok that's all.

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