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2:48 p.m. - 2006-05-05
early retirement
friday, may 5.

A little Friday Fun: an email conversation between Mike and myself.

Me: Hey husband,

I just went and joined the DuPage art league. I think I'm going to take a figure drawing class this summer. Let the fruiting begin!!!!

DH: Is that like the Justice League?


(attached photo in email)

ME: Yeah totally, except our costumes are spattered with paint. Oh yeah, and I think everyone is a member of AARP.*

DH: Between the bird watching and painting - I think you're getting old before your time.

Maybe the burbs is not the best place for you - you're becoming one of them

ME: Yeah, and I'm really into gardening right now too. . . .hmmm I guess it makes sense: I'm like a sweet old lady, and you're like a grizzly old coot. So we can make it work.

DH: Let's buy a Buick.

The end!!

*This afternoon I went to a local art gallery/art school to become a member and maybe sign up for some classes. I was the youngest person there by about four decades, no joke.

Also, yes. My interests are becoming somewhat similar to that of a retired person. I'm obsessed with the birds that live in or near the little pond by our house. I think about gardening a lot. My latest thrift store purchase is a skirt suit that looks like a direct Chanel knockoff from the fifties. Not like any of this is bad, it's just kind of . . . elderly. Which I think is great anyway.

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