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10:38 a.m. - 2005-05-06
lots of links, happy friday
friday, may 6, 2005

Linky linky. music/fashion/otherwise.

We're totally living in the future. Seriously. Smart shopping carts; it's so Jetsons-y.

Can you imagine if your parents were in a hip indie rock band, and when you were a baby they took you on their European tour? I've been reading Mates of State tour journal and it sounds dreamy. I mean, I know touring isn't all that it's cracked up to be, but it still sounds so cozy, jetsetting around the world with your baby and your drumkit.

The new Sufjan Stevens tracks from Illinoise are blowing my mind. Blowing it to shreds! This is the most excited I've been about new music in a long long time. If he did Iowa next that would make my year.

The other night I had a dream I was close personal friends with Nanette Lepore. I even babysat for her kids. (Not sure as to whether or not she has kids in the real, non-dream world.) Anyway, it was the one of the best dreams ever, because I got to visit her studio/workspace, and it was like the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory of fashion studios.

Is this not the cutest top you've ever seen? Update: that link doesn't really work. Here's an image:

Adorable, no?

How disgustingly cute is this? The other night Mike and I realized we both, independently of each other, discovered the same hilarious blog and it moved to the top of our respective blog lists. It's totally obvious we were made for each other!!Aw, schmoopy!

This morning I was thinking of The State. Which isn't surprising because I think about The State a lot. And how my life will be complete when/if they ever release the show on DVD. Someone needs to tell Michael Ian Black to quit doing those horrendous Sierra Mist commercials and get on the horn with MTV. I'm sure they've already released terrible crap like MTV's The Grind: Workout Edition! on DVD, why not the most beloved sketch comedy show of our generation? Maybe I'm exaggerating. All I know is, this morning there was some fudge sitting out at work, and all I could think was "chocolate makes me crazy!!" (I would link to the sketch, but the only place on the web that hosts the State shows is over their capacity again. Arrr.)

I really need to post this, as it's been sitting in a long yellow sticky on my desktop for half the week. And I just keep adding things. It's done now though!!

bon week-end!!

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