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9:18 p.m. - 2005-05-09
a good Monday night
monday may 9.

i'm going to miss the city when i'm gone. I'll come back, you know, but these next three weeks could be my last three weeks of the chicago address. Maybe we'll come close. But I'm not so sure.

After work I plugged in the iPod, Sufjan Stevens of course, right now, and walked to the little independent grocery store about five blocks away. with the dark grey sky about to pour rain. and humid air. past the lilacs, and new constructions and old weird houses. I like my little unassuming neighborhood.

anyway. the good of it all outweighs the bad. the Taurus has become a traveling suitcase, the backseat and trunk packed with shoes and books and all the junk I cart back and forth to Mike's. in three weeks all my things will be centrally located! and I do look forward to that. and the fact that all I want to do on warm nights now is drink lemonade out of the kool-aid man pitcher with my future husband and our weinery little pugdog.

this weekend we went to the zoo, and to a minor league baseball game. field trips! almost 80 degrees on Sunday too. I feel like I'm unfurling after being cramped up all winter.

I'm really relaxed right now. I made pasta with cream sauce and zucchini and feta cheese for dinner. and sangiovese. It's raining outside now and I can hear the cars splash by. a good Monday night.

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