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4:31 p.m. - 2005-05-12
happy, best music video of all time
thursday, may 12.

I'm happy in spite of the fact it's 45 degrees out right now.

the other night Valerie and I had a "wholesome night," which means I didn't wake up in the morning morning and think, "man, that last glass of wine/pint of blue moon probably wasn't necessary." We cooked dinner and sat on the stoop, then walked to get gelato, sat devouring it in relative silence in the warm evening. Mmmm bacio e noce di cocco. Then we visited a friend, just dropped in, which is something I really should do more often. Kickin' it old skool, like in college when we all had mounds of free time and hours to spare and lived within walking distance of dozens of people who were always up for a drink.

I think sometimes about how I wish I had more friends; but last night I realized that's not completely fair. I just need to get off my ass more and hang out with all the friends I do have.

Good things about today:

By far the best music video ever created: it's the Kidz Bop version of Since U Been Gone. You gotta see it to believe how totally triumphant it is. It takes a long time to load, but it's worth it. Someone in the stereogum comments said something about it making his or her heart explode with joy. I couldn't agree more. I'll give you a spoiler: it involves people in animal costumes, and they're rocking out!! Woot!!

Right now I'm working with an illustrator who lives really close to our office. Normally we send everything FedEx overnight, but I figured, how lame it is to overnight something to someone 15 minutes away? So today I stopped by her house to drop off some art changes. And it was so great. She invited me in and we had Red Zinger tea and imported lemon cookies from Italy, and we chatted about art, and getting married, and the publishing business, and I met her husband and her cat. It was so cute. I had perma-smile for like an hour afterwards.

I picked up my bridesmaids dresses last night. Wheeeee!! One last bit of wedding nervousness to cross off the list.

There are other happiness things, but yeah, I'm doing good. 25th birthday in 5 days, wedding in 17. Wow. We're really doing it!!

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