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5:03 p.m. - 2005-05-17
pre birthday 25
tuesday, may 17 2005.

ah, le week-end!!

first off, I'll just say that last friday was a good way to start the weekend. work is winding down to the point that I have very little to do, but it's easily stretchable to 8 hours. I spent large portions of the day looking at my cuticles under a loupe, trying to determine the exact pantone color of my coffee, and loading up my iPod songs about California to take on our honeymoon. also I spent about 2 hours photoshopping out a seal's. . .uhhh. . . wang. that's right! day in the life of a graphic designer: kids can't see that this seal has male parts! please take it out.

anyway. Friday night was spent, as most are, falling asleep early on Mike's couch. I am exhausted by week's end these days.

Saturday I had a lovely afternoon: hair cut, shoe shopping, fragola gelato eaten in the sun. . .stopped to chat with some people walking a pug and a french bulldog/boxer mix. I love stopping dog owners on the street, everyone loves to talk about their dogs.

On my way back home, I passed by a church I've passed by dozens of times. . .except on Satuday it had a sign outside, "open for visitors." Since I was in a happy free time mood, I stopped in. It blew me away. The Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral was built by Louis Sullivan, and it's like this little treasure in my neighborhood that I've never given much consideration before. The inside is spectacular though, all gold and ornate, and fascinating religious iconography. Some guy gave me a tour and we talked for I don't know how long. . .half hour? 45 minutes? It really made me happy.

And Sunday morning was my birthday brunch. Ooh la la, Norwegian style scrambled eggs (with salmon) and $8 mimosas. I think it was worth it. We wandered around Millenium Park, stopped for hot chocolate. It was cold and the overall mood of the group was "hungover." But still a good birthday outing. I bought new pink Pumas at Marshall Fields. They look like strawberry shortcake.

Yeah, I'm getting behind; today is my birthday and I haven't even finished this weekend update yet. Forthcoming: birthday tales, and a list of things I've learned in my 25 years. Don't hold your breath though. I'm kind of fluttery and everywhere these days.

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