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8:08 a.m. - 2005-11-23
johnny cash, thanksgiving
wednesday, november 23.

Woke up to a beautiful snow this morning; the first snowfall of the year that's been any accumulation worth mentioning. it makes me feel soft and happy.

Last night Mike and I had a pleasant time, watching shows about Johnny Cash on Country music television. They play an old special, Johnny Cash in San Quentin, which is a well produced mix of his concert in the prison, and interviews with the prisoners and wardens. The first time I saw it I cried through nearly the whole thing, it's just very touching and fascinating. We also watched something about "Johnny Cash Vs. Music Row," which was about how the country music industry basically ignored him; how Cash's music didn't fit into the "country radio format." Then he died and they gave him a ton of awards. Cowardly.

Anyway, if you ever flip past either of these, give them a shot. I know it's country music television, and there's all that stigma. . . But the point of the second show was pretty much like: what's considered "country music" currently really sucks because it's so rigid in it's crappy genre expectations; and the brilliant people go unnoticed.

Also. DVR/Tivo is so great for numerous reasons that I could gush on and on about, and maybe I'll save that for later. But one thing I've noticed: it fosters so much more conversation between Mike and I. It probably took us two hours to watch a half hour long show last night, because we pause it for extended periods to discuss what's going on, what we think, our perceptions. It's really nice. So who knew--technology can improve your life. Amazing.

So there's some things I'm thankful for today: DVR. Good music. Oh yeah, and my great husband who I have great conversations with.

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