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8:29 p.m. - 2006-11-27
thanksgiving and the approaching season
Thanksgiving was everything I expected it to be: saw Pick of Destiny with my little brother (righteous!), ate numerous pieces of pie, read every Oprah and Country Living magazine in my parents house, ran into old friends outside the bar at 2 AM.

Friday morning mom and dad and the dog and I walked downtown to Saints Rest for coffee. Of course we had to stop about once a block for my parents to chat with people out doing yard work, going for walks, driving past in cars.

Grinnell! It always does me good. I mean, maybe I don't know much else, but it really is the coziest place in my world.

But now I'm back in the real, non-cozy world, coming into a fast approaching December. I have declared numerous times in the past week that I've decided not to buy any Christmas presents this year. I also hope to receive no presents. I still want to do all the Christmas stuff: listening to sufjan stevens, eating cookies for breakfast, going to advent services by myself and pondering a lot. I just don't really feel like purchasing anything. So yeah, we'll see how all of it goes.

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