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1:50 p.m. - 2005-11-03
halloween, suburbia, missing the internerd
thursday, november 3, 2005.

still no internet at home. . . . so yeah. my blog is reaching "worst blog ever" standards.

so here's a Super Lame list of stuff going on.

the giant Franzia box halloween costume was a huge hit. I think it was my personal best costume. Two unfortunate things though: my friend's digital camera got stolen at the party, so there is no photographic evidence of my best personal costume. Crap. Also, in order to lighten the load (a 5 liter bag of Franzia is a lot heavier than you think) I ended up drinking most of it myself. So the Halloween party in my memory is kind of like this:

Me: "Hmmm, I think I'll whet my whistle."


[me in my Franzia box costume doing the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller]


The end.

Anyway, moving on. . . .

time change is both wonderful and awful. wonderful: I woke up so early one morning I had time to eat waffles with my husband, watch the previous night's DVRed Daily Show, get ready, walk to starbucks, walk to work, and STILL be 40 minutes early. Awful: it's pretty much dark at 4:30 now, and I'm still going to be working for at least two hours.

But I'm feeling really good overall: walking to work, drinking what feels like gallons of water every day, eating better than normal, dressing more creatively.

I almost feel like this is a semi-conscious rebellion against suburbia, which I can feel myself sinking further into every day. (Let's not go into the fact that I tape Oprah every day, okay?) I just don't want to be one of those boring, unhealthy, drive everywhere suburb people. The dressing more creatively, well, maybe it partly makes me look like a crazy person (too many layers, maybe not quite matching. . . . I personally think it looks good but I suspect my coworkers look at me funny every morning) but I just want to distinguish myself from everyone else. Maybe this is what the suburban teenage "punks" are all about? Hmmm.

More sometime soon. Man, I miss the internet.

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