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11:25 p.m. - 2005-10-04
tired but satisfied, more house painting
Tuesday, October 4.

My goal this week is to be more responsible, namely, get to work early every single day. it's going well. I'm leaving late, too, which is fine, since I'm sort of enjoying what I'm doing right now. Every once in a while I get to work on something that reminds me why in the hell I decided to be a graphic designer, anyway.

i have to tell you though: I discovered that one of my co-workers is a Sidler. He totally sidles. It freaks me out big time, i seriously should get this guy some tic tacs. Also, the office is like 15 feet by 15 feet, I wish he would just talk to me since he sits five feet away, instead of sidling up!! Anyway. Whew, apparently I really needed to get that off my chest.

So I'm working kind of hard. Then at night I go and paint the new house*. And Mike and I drink Goose Island in the garage when we're done for the evening. It's pleasant. And our neighbors are all super friendly so far.

*Side note: last night I went to Ace Hardware to buy paint for the kitchen and bedroom. The two colors I chose are called "Moonscape" and "Tranquil Blue." The nice old paint mixer guy is so cute; he told me that it makes sense I should pick those two colors, because the first Moon landing was on the Sea of Tranquility. Aw. Cute.

The other day I discovered I'm in the range of a local college radio station and I swear it makes my day. This morning I heard a new Fruit Bats song on my way to work. Nice.

I have a very tired but satisfied/content thing going on right now. Off to bed.

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