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7:52 a.m. - 2005-10-07
blue and brown, new house ahoy
friday, october 7.

yesterday was the first most deliciously fall day. the sunset looked like an oil painting over the turning leaves. and as I have asserted before, I know it's getting colder because coffee tastes better. always does to me in the winter.

anyway. not much to report. except. you know I am kind of obsessed with blue and brown lately. most specifically, teal colors with really warm orangey brown colors. it's an outfit theme lately. and it turns out. . . . a home decorating theme. I painted the accent walls in our kitchen a deep teal-ish blue, and the fireplace is a golden brown. Inadvertently. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Color is such a subconscious thing.

So anyway. Here's some more of what I'm talking about:

those mary janes in the middle? I first saw them on shoewawa and sort of went nuts. Sadly though, they cost only a little less than a month's mortgage. Aren't they just dreamy though?

I'm happy it's Friday. This is the big moving weekend. New house ahoy.

PS!so I totally just discovered my comments have been wack for about two weeks. d'oh! they're fixed now though. and thanks for all the lovely house comments everyone!

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