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1:42 p.m. - 2005-10-11
new house, things I want, etc.
tuesday october 11.

This weekend we moved into our house for real. Lots of hard work, painted for maybe 9 hours on Saturday, then spent Sunday trying to make sense of the thousand boxes piled in the dining room and kitchen. I have no internet access at home for two weeks, and it really has emphasized just how accustomed I am to buying music from iTunes and downloading from limewire. I wanted some new music to accompany my organizing, and I swear it took me about five minutes to remember how I used to acquire music. Oh yeah: Stores sell CDs. How novel!!

My very first act of hospitality in the new home was pretty exciting though. Some backstory: apparently our house is totally not satellite-dish friendly. Damn those builders in the 50s for not being able to see into the future! Anyway, on Saturday afternoon the cable guys came over. Then they crawled around in the crawl space, and climbed around on the roof for the next 5 hours. Yes, it took two men 5 hours to install our cable. Since they were working at 8:30 PM on Saturday night, I started to feel bad for them. And offered them beer. So I passed a lovely evening drinking Goose Island with the cable guys. We talked about cars that can run on grease. It was so excellent.

Sleeping in the new place has been slightly disorienting, and I'm usually not a light sleeper but this morning I just feel sort of unsatisfied with my sleep. I woke up with all of Mike's alarms, which basically means I was half awake from 5:30 to 7, then slept again until 8. That entire time was filled with flimsy dreams, almost lucid but not really, the kind that you catch only slightly when waking. I feel like I had about a million good ideas in there, but they're all gone now. Just the memory of something delicately pretty. Hard to explain. I love that part of dreaming though. The kind that you get stuck in like spiderwebs all morning; so light but hard to shake off.

anyway, the bad news is that we still haven't sold our old condo yet. Crap. Right now I really want a new pair of jeans, sweaters from Benetton, a good manicure and brow wax; not to mention the thousands of things I want for the new home. . . . but no big purchases until we sell the old place. two mortgage payments=no fun.

So that's news from me. I won't update much for a while because there's no internet at home, and I'd rather not get fired for wasting time at work. Like I am right now.

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