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5:34 p.m. - 2005-10-20
weird week, going to omaha
thursday october 20.

Let it be known throughout the land: I have the coolest little brother on the planet. Check out the gem that was in my email inbox today:

He sent me an Andrew WK video via iTunes. Boo. Yah.

So this week has been ups and downs (weird incessant melancholy, feeling guilty for dumping my personal issues on my husband, but good job stuff, good art making, pleasant weather). Today is definitely on the upswing now.

Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Omaha for our yearly Rome roommate reunion. Eeee! This year we're celebrating two engagements* and a new baby. I'm really super looking forward to the weekend, as it is three solid days of unbounded girl time, of which I am in desperate need. Honestly, I think if I went to a doctor to figure out my problems right now, the prescription would be Drink some Wine with your Girl Friends.

*One of the engagements has an excellent story. My friend Dawn actually proposed to her boyfriend this week. . . . and she did it by putting a "will you marry me" advertisement on their local public radio station. Honestly! Is that not the most heart-warmingly nerdy liberal thing you've ever heard? So sweet.

So tonight I'm packing, and picking up some champers, dahhhling, for everything we're celebrating this weekend. yay.

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