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10:39 a.m. - 2005-09-03
saturday hurricane
saturday, september 3.

I'll update more, soon, I promise, but for now everything I have to say sounds ridiculous in comparison to the people in the gulf that have had their entire lives displaced.

Everything comes down to the personal aspect, your own connection to what's happening on a larger level. I'm thinking of my friend Shane in Baton Rouge, and thinking I've been a terrible pen pal. We used to write each other constantly but I got so lame about it. And now I wonder how all of this is affecting him.

today our house is being shown three times, which means I have to make myself scarce. it will be good to tear myself away from CNN. and not to beat a dead horse, sorry, but it's still a big weird deal to me: not being in the country on September 11th still makes me feel like a ghost in america sometimes. I can't explain that very well.

I am having hurricane aftermath dreams though. In the dreams there are people crowded everywhere with absolutely nothing to do, water up to three feet everywhere full of shit and strange amphibious creatures. Creepy.

I read on gawker this week that someone saw Condoleeza Rice dropping a couple grand at Ferragamo and totally chastised her for such a frivolous thing in the wake of what's really happening. Yeah, that's kind of awful, but. . . . if I was her I wonder if I would do the same thing. Instead, I'm off to Woodfield.

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