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8:31 p.m. - 2005-09-06
disjointed, wine, jan gadeyne, etc
tuesday, september 6.

lots of things;

I need to get a new memory card for my digital cam, mine's busted. and I have ever so many things to show and not tell you. like some artwork. and the cute top I bought this weekend.

Mike got a big bonus thingy so Sunday we went nuts at Sam's, the wine superstore. And sadly, we decided that we're officially snobs. I don't know if that sucks or not. But it's true. If you're looking for suggestions, don't hesitate to ask. I prefer anything from California's Carneros appellation. Yeah, la di da.

This week the history channel is showing programs about Rome almost nonstop. Last night I saw one of my Roman History professors on a show, talking about the baths of Caracalla. Then I got so excited I almost fell off the couch.

I'm going back to Rome next year (it will hopefully be a big group trip with nearly everyone who studied with me; anticipated name of the trip: Romecoming 2006). I can't wait. I miss the pantheon at 4 AM. I miss the whole city at 4 AM.


It's fall, at least almost, so my life right now is full of nostalgia and drinking too much. Next week I'm going back to my collegetown for a football game (though not actually attending the football game, oh LORD no). So I'm sure I'll go back to all my favorite bars and feel really old in the presence of 19 year olds. I'm still excited though. I might even be sleeping on someone's dorm floor. Hell yeah!!

I received my swap-mates for the Dual Disc Debacle tonight; it's a double CD internet swap deal. Internet trades are sweeping the nation. Well, the nation of fruity bloggy girls. I'm pretty stoked to send my mixes off and then receive more in return. I'll post the tracklist eventually, and the collaged covers I made. Finally all those vintage photos I bought on ebay are going to a good use.

wow, this was really disjointed.

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