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8:13 a.m. - 2005-09-09
perfect day, off to Iowa
friday, september 9.

so I just got tagged by Beth (fun new blog discovery!), and I've never done one of these taggy things before, but what the hell. Describe my perfect day? Here goes.

-sit around and drink coffee with Mike. watch reruns of the Soup on E!, play with the dog, laze around. make our very own version of the "good morning burger": bacon, egg, and bleu cheese on an english muffin. Mmmmm. . . . my heart hurts.

-get ready in a leisurely fashion. this is really one of my favorite things to do.

-go shopping with Erin or Mindy, have lots of girl time where we urge each other to buy cute things we don't need. chat with salespeople. get something ultra-girly (makeup? shoes? earrings? a $200 coat I really don't need but the salesguy tells me I look fabulous in? oh wait. . . that last one already happened. thanks in part to mindy!). get pedicures somewhere fancy.

-at some point in the day: hear a new song I really like.

-arty time. either looking at it or making it. or even both! If I'm making it, I have papers and glue and photos laying all around me on the carpet and a good mix on the iTunes. If I'm looking at it, it's a good new exhibit at the MCA or Art Institute.

-wine tasting. Well okay, I think if this is my perfect day, I can break the laws of space and time, so I'm going to have to say, wine tasting at Cakebread in Yountville, CA. (hmmm. . . I don't think I ever really blogged very much about our honeymoon. . . When we were at the tasting at Cakebread, I SWEAR I reached a higher plane of existence. It was just that good. )


-dinner out with Mike and all my friendships.

-go see a fun show like Spoon or New Pornographers

-raging ensues!!! I think in the fantasyland of My Perfect Day, we all end up in Grinnell walking around in the quiet streets at 3 AM.

I should note, for some reason, my perfect day occurs in a month where it's not that warm out. early November? I picture most of these activities happening with scarves and mittens on.

So there it is. . . . my perfect day. I'll tag pam, kim, angie, ransom, and joe , though I know no boys would ever complete this. yes, that's a challenge.

So anyway. I'm leaving for Iowa tonight, staying at my parents, and then Ames the rest of the weekend. funtimes ahoy!

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