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8:37 p.m. - 2005-09-15
fashiony stuff and shoes
thursday, september 15.

cheerfulness regained! I really need to stop reporting my dramatic mood changes to the internet, because they are, yes, dramatic. and always mutable.

last night I made a collagey mess and watched entourage with my husband. and today was a good work day. so I'm back to my normal self.

You should see my computer's desktop right now. It's an absolute mess of screen shots and downloaded jpgs. Mostly fashion week things to remember. But I always feel so strange about always thinking so far in advance. So I'm going to post some NOW things I like. And then clean it all up off the desktop.

I can't remember the last time I had a good inbetween weather jacket. I usually just wear a blazer or sweater and mittens. But this one I like, though I doubt I will ever get rid of the sweater and mitten habit. It's nice to imagine though.

I really like everything about this. Especially the tights, t-straps, and magenta color of the top. Mmm.

I'm going to a wedding later this fall, and what I really want to wear is a pretty colored chiffon dress, chunky knit cream colored cardigan or shrug, and full length satin gloves. Even though that would be sort of pretentious. We'll see.

cute cute cute. especially the one on the left with the layered tops.

(all those are from bcbg/to the max)

Everyone knows about my love affair with Camper. I just really admire almost everything they put out, even if it's not my exact style. And even though I don't really need another pair of twins, look at the new crop:

The boots look kind of unremarkable online. . . but imagine those shapes trailing up the back of your calves. Nice.

And these shoes. I've been on a high heel kick lately, but as far as flats go, can't beat this. I wish the soles weren't quite so chunky though. I just like the sort of piecey, collagey feel. by kenzie, at nordstrom.

And I'm spent. It's truly amazing to me that I could go on like this for FORever. But I'll spare you all. Suffice to say though, this is only the smallest taste of what I adore/what consumes me.

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