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8:22 p.m. - 2005-09-19
another iowa weekend, art, woman king
monday, september 19


sufjan stevens = best ever.

I drove into the city friday night, stopping by my old place to pick up mail and talk to Joe. and trying fiercely hard not to miss the ukrainian village. which I did anyway. parked illegally and turned the flashers on: there was a street fair and the friday night service at the Moor church, all the guys standing around in fezzes. I miss my old neighborhood.

then drove up ashland and paid way too much to park close to the metro, because I am lazy/decadent/hate looking for a parking spot. waited in line for forever. And then the show. the opener was Laura Veirs, surprisingly good. very much a Katie band.

And sufjan. his band comes out dressed in full half-assed cheerleader regalia, waving pom poms, and spirit fingers in the air. The whole thing was so good. that's all I can say. so good. musical genius, really pure fun, not for the cynical.

and the rest of the weekend. another saturday and sunday in iowa, watching football games I could care less about but having fun anyway. and the ultimate relaxation of being at my parent's house, feeling taken care of, like a kid again.

I'm feeling really scattered today though. lots of goals but not lots of focus. maybe I need to start taking vitamins.

i went and bought some bristol board after work today. and other art supplies. I think the cruel joke here is that I have much more of a desire make art NOW than I did back when I was regularly assigned to make it and had all the time in the world. now during the day, I sit at my desk and sketch ideas in the 45 seconds it takes for large indesign files to open. and then I get home and start cutting and pasting. . . . and then am suddenly way too tired to execute anything. crap.

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