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8:46 p.m. - 2005-09-22
dual disc stuff, fruityness, SHOES
thursday, september 22.

so I pretty much already had a stellar weekend lined up: friday is going to be a glorious non-planned evening of drinking wine on the couch while watching What Not to Wear and The Soup, my greatest 1.5 hours of television watching of the week. And saturday is farmers market. and brunch at my favorite place in wicker park (milk & honey), followed by the Renegade Craft Fair, and dinner or a party with my friend valerie. Sunday Mike and I are going to the Brookfield zoo. It all sounds so lovely, doesn't it?

Then today valerie emailed me, and the basic jist was, "hey, would you possibly mind going shoe shopping with me on Saturday afternoon? I want to go to the Camper store on Oak street."

do I even need to tell you that made my day? BEST EMAIL OF ALL TIME. seriously.

So now my weekend is all wrapped up like a neat little package with a million pretty ribbons on it.

Okay! I was going to talk about Dual Disc Debacle. Yesterday I received the last of my five CDs. First off, this whole thing has really shown me that I tend to listen to the same things on HIGH frequency for small periods of time. Like the last week. . . . pretty much all Iron & Wine, all the time.

So I'll admit, I've only listened to two of the sets so far. But they're good! "The Banach-Tarski Paradox / The Axiom of Choice" is from Cookie. It's got a nice laid-back indie and hip hop feel. Yay for DJ Shadow, Magnetic Fields, and Erlend Oye, among others. Also, the first song of the set is by Ben Kweller, who immediately reminds me of my KURE days. So score one for good old memories.

Score two for good memories, and for all around awesomeness, is the "Into the Day/Into the Night" mix by Jen Piddleloop. Seriously, this is the kind of mix I hope for when I trade with people: enough of my tastes and things I already own to draw me in, with lots of new things that totally jive with me. On the memories tip: the first song is Rise by Rainer Maria, which I listened to almost every morning while in the shower, second semester senior year. I swear hearing this song reminds me of the smell of the coffee I drank and the body wash I used back then.

I have more to say but my fingers are typing really clumsily right now and I just want to lay on the couch and read with the windows open and the cool breeze coming in. But I want to say: I wish the internet was more like a party where I could talk to all of you in person. There are some nice people on the internet. It just warms my chunky little heart.

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