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2:53 p.m. - 2005-02-14
monday, february 14.

perfect rainy valentine's day music: Lambchop, Aw C'mon.

The day's not even really started and I think I can proclaim 2005 the year of the Best Valentine's Day Ever. I'll attempt not to gag you with sweetness of the weekend, so it'll be brief. My lovely future husband surprised me Saturday morning by depositing me at a spa for a few hours. Ooh la la. Now I have pretty toes and exfoliated skin.

Though really, the best Valentine's gift I got was being allowed to watch What Not to Wear and Project Runway in peace, without any haranguing from my better half.

We listened to Frank Sinatra's Love Songs a lot this weekend. I made a carrot cake Sunday afternoon. Nice slow days. Hard to sit at a desk all day today, I feel so unalive. The dark grey cloud of work has replaced the rosy pink glow of weekend.

News: My parents bought a new house, and will be moving soon, pending sale of our old house. (Grinnellians: it's the small house in that lot behind Barber's on Main St.) The house is less than a block from where we lived when we first moved to town. That was over 15 years ago. Everything coming full circle.

Of note: someone's gone all "dark side of the moon" on Wilco's A Ghost is Born. It syncs with The Passion of the Christ. Apparently.

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