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2:49 p.m. - 2005-02-02
good, bad, indifferent
wednesday, february 2.

a few things to be excited about:

~receiving my royalty check for my font yesterday: I totally expected it to be about $4, but it was almost $50. woo-hoo!

why is it that I get a hundred times more satisfaction out of that $50 than I do out of my somewhat more substantial biweekly paychecks?

~downloading software (that works!) to move music from my ipod to my hard drive. Senuti, which is good for moving specific songs and playlists, and TinkerTool, which I imagine will be useful once I get a new computer with a huge harddrive and want to copy my entire library. A bonus of TinkerTool is that it makes visible all the hidden items on your hard drive. It's kind of fascinating, in a nerdy OS X way.

one thing to not be excited about:
~my life outside of work is vibrant, full of energy, satisfying. once I step in the door here I feel like someone poured lead into my veins. no energy, no drive. even worse is the fact that no one in my little department ever talks to each other, while the other department seem to have become best friends. it's really depressing. which brings me to. . .

i'm starting to develop a huge pet peeve about people here whispering to each other. I mean, I know a big part of my annoyance is that I feel excluded, but seriously! whispering!! it's like I've regressed to seventh grade Quest class and all the popular kids are sharing secrets with each other.

one thing which doesn't fit into either category:
~I've been spending some time on for the price of a one bedroom condo downtown, we could get a two bedroom, larger condo in Evanston. The KICKER is, for that same price, we could get a three bedroom Single Family Home in St. Charles or Geneva. a real house! like with a yard and everything!!

Internal conflict: how much do I really want to live in/near the city? Does it outweight my desire for a real home? I don't know if I'm prepared to answer that question yet.

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