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7:27 p.m. - 2005-02-15
sea birds and country birds
tuesday, february 15.

i wish there was a cafe in my work neighborhood with strong coffee in big round white mugs, good sandwiches with crisp bacon, and regulars that I could talk to. I hate eating lunch in my cube.

not a good way to segue, but. . .

last night I had a dream, two things stand out. the first thing: I was describing myself to a group of people, and I said: "i like pretty things. I don't like to eat by myself." both of which are astonishingly true.

the other thing: I was wearing two bracelets, one with two small white bird beads, one with all round green beads. when I woke up I was sad the bracelets don't exist in real life; I'll have to create them myself now

rainy day, thinking about other things:

i either want to start dressing like a cowgirl or jackie o. the latter probably would make more sense, as I'm not sure how daily cowboy hat wearing would affect my life.

this is a good place to start, no? i found this suit, for an absolute song, on a vintage retailer site. my size exactly, too. synchronicity.

I really need to buy an actual domain, make a webspace more of my own. It's alternately horrifying and gratifying that I've been using diaryland for almost Five Years Now, Holy Crap. I think my anniversary is in April sometime. I don't know how much that counts, though, because katiebridg kind of disappeared in diaryland nothingness. katieinroma, too.

so, new website. both and are available. all I have to do now is decide whether I'm a sea bird or a country bird.

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