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8:15 a.m. - 2006-02-28
new furniture, MJ, decadence
tuesday, february 28.

okay, lots of things.

this weekend MIke and and I finally, FINALLY went furniture shopping and actually agreed on a dining room table we both like (one of our biggest struggles and a source of a ridiculous amount of heated discussions) and an entertainment center, and a guest bed. and then came home and discussed wall colors and decorating ideas. and so yes finally, after living in our house for six months, I think we're getting somewhere. And I'm so inspired. can't wait to decorate the guest bedroom like a little country farmhouse. and the warm browns in the dining room with the garnet upholstered chairs.

it's almost time to start gardening too. when I woke up this morning I was dreaming of when it finally gets warm enough for having my morning coffee on our patio next to the rose of sharon trees.

I feel like I've been busy but enjoying myself. came home at lunch yesterday to watch the a Tivo'd segment of Oprah interviewing Marc Jacobs. He's so nerdily darling. I'm so fascinated by personal visions of style. Just finished reading the biography of Coco Chanel so there's lots to think about there too.

In a moment of decadence yesterday, I spent half my weekly spending money on dark chocolate and magazines. It's worth it though.

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