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7:39 a.m. - 2006-03-01
Prints for my house
Wednesday, March 1.

Once again, the Tiny Showcase print of the week has sold out before I even got a chance to see it. I'm bummed, this week's was a good one.

Lately I've been craving good, real, and interesting art for the house. . . . and that's not very achievable on a low budget. So through a few serendipitous links, I found the site Little Paper Planes, and along with clothing and paper goods, they sell a few nice prints. Here are some I love. As my husband would say, they're "very Katie."

Business as Usual by Rachell Sumpter, Slow to Sleep print, artist not named, Knit Horse print, artist not named, and Big City Girl Print by Rachell Sumpter.

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