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4:55 p.m. - 2005-07-07
domestic but not really
Thursday June 7.

I'm remembering my dreams lately, dreams about water. Two nights ago it was a pack of dolphins jumping in unison, and one of the dolphins wearing a diamond crown. and last night I dreamt I was swimming in a deep and cool body of water at night, purple sky and dark brooding buildings sitting adjacent to the water. it was an ocean next to an empty city.

I woke up thinking of nightswimming, how quiet and lush it feels. and I was so relaxed, felt happy.

and all that hardcore dreaming meant I woke up late. Hours late. But it was fine, and I took advantage of extra time to apply to jobs, sit outside with the dog. A nice productive few hours before heading to work, and when I did leave, the traffic was fast and easy. The trees in the Lake Shore Drive median strip are all the colors of ripe key limes, the lake itself a deep aquamarine, and white sailboats on the horizon. Happy calming morning.

Anyway, I have a lot that I'm thinking about: home decorating, and sewing and what's happening with me in the next few months. I'm feeling domestic, but a parallel-universe kind of domestic. Hard to explain. I'm not going to try.

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