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4:24 p.m. - 2005-07-01
day off, books, sangria
friday, july 1.

in a testament to the fact that I have no concept of time anymore, I went in to work today, despite the fact that it is a holiday weekend, and our office was closed for the day. way to go!

So overall I couldn't be happier. Today has a snow day kind of feeling, a day with no previous plans and a sudden barrage of free time. On my way back from the city, I stopped in Oak Park, walked around, went to the Paper Source. Katie things.

On top of generally being happy about the four day weekend, I'm glad I didn't have to sit through a day at the office. Last night I realized why I don't read that much anymore: it's because once I start a book, I'm a half crazed maniac who can't do anything but read. Yesterday at the library I picked upThe Secret History by Donna Tart. and I stayed up super late last night, couldn't put it down.

Also at the library I picked up a DVD copy of episodes of My So Called Life. I haven't watched them yet; but I'm interested to see if age has made me any less nuts about the show. Man, that was on almost 10 years ago, wasn't it?

In other news, I really wanted to make Sangria this weekend, so I did, this afternoon. And after just one taste of it, I'm feeling kinda buzzy. And it's 4:30. But it doesn't matter because I have no real plans for the next three days! yay weekend!!

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