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9:27 p.m. - 2005-07-18
intonation, collage
monday, july 18.

I should probably get better about just TYPING and telling you things instead of waiting until I write concise and perfect paragraphs. My goal for this year was to think less and DO more, that has to relate somehow, yes?

intonation was good this weekend. There's a flickr set of Intonation photos here (not mine personally, just all of 'em). Looking at the photos makes me project about 30 years into the future, will my children look at photos like these in the same way I view photos from Woodstock?

Anyway, it was pretty fun. My favorite set was the Decemberists, but as it turns out, the set I had to leave halfway through to get home at a decent hour was also the Decemberists. The day was sort of dry and dusty, but excellent for people watching. I bought a mint condition copy of Joni Mitchell's Blue for an astoundingly low price at the record fair. I didn't get sunburned. That all equals good day.

And lots of other things. Ebay presents in the mail, grocery shopping with my husband, and now I'm almost finished with the little book I'm making. Quietly cutting and pasting is one of the things that makes me feel as if my truest self really can float to the surface. It's instantly calming, too.

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