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4:06 p.m. - 2004-01-07
new year 2004 number two!
wednesday, january 7. part two

so, 2004. it does feel different in a lot of ways. I'm considering the future now, whereas the last month has been a lot of looking back.

even though its in the subzero temperatures and every morning this week has been a struggle to get out of bed (my space heater makes my bedroom about 20 degrees warmer than the rest of the house), there are things to look forward to. I've been inspired by a few artistshere and here and I think 2004 would be a good year to actually start trying to be more art serious.

the other Issue that's happening right now is the Issue of My Financial Adulthood. I'm thinking of buying a car. and that I can afford. the thing I maybe can't afford is the ridiculously expensive Chicago auto insurance. damn you street parking! and thieves! if the estimates I'm getting are correct, it's basically going to cost me twice as much per month to insure the car than to actually own it.

then there's the Health Insurance Issue. i am nearing 24. there is no reason for me as a nearly fully functioning adult to still have my health insurance paid for by my parents. No reason! so what my dad says is, either get at least a $500 a month raise, or get a new job.

ch ch ch changes. things have been evening out for me, getting smoother I mean, and I'm hoping all these other things will do the same.

longest entry ever. plus it took me until january 7 to review my new year.

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