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11:50 p.m. - 2005-09-21
collage, photos, my truest self
wednesday, september 21.

I keep staying up too late. all day long at work the hours drip like honey, so slow, I chomp at the bit to go home, get out, DO something REAL. and then at night I'm a busy bee. lately anyway. I keep getting a second wind around 8:30.

I'm almost finished making a little book. I hope to post the photos on my flickr account. that is a little lame so far. I need to post almost all of our honeymoon photos. Yeah, that was three months ago. And I STILL can't find my camera cord, I'm pretty sure it's already packed somewhere. But it won't be long because. . .

we get posession of our new house one week from today. hooray! first order of business is repainting our office/studio, which currently is painted with the terrifying theme of. . . . "tommy hilfiger." I'm not joking. It's like an 8 year old boy's room currently, and the walls are painted like ginormous hilfiger logos. it's one of the worst things I've ever seen. but!! I swear it will be repainted within three hours of getting the keys. I'm totally serious.

so I've been cutting and pasting a lot. which is good. and I'm reading a lot too. zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. all this quiet reflective stuff that really makes my truest self feel so close to the surface. refreshing.

remind me to write about the dual disc debacle tomorrow. I got a couple of gems in the mail today.

love, pugs, and glue sticks.

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