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11:11 a.m. - 2005-07-27
shopping, rambly, anxious
Wednesday, July 27.

Just a few things. (edit. note: after rereading this, I realize it's not a "few things" it's more like, "a long ramble on a myriad of girly topics")

I went shopping last night, to try and find something suitable for my. . . wait for it. . . . job interview tomorrow. (fingers crossed, this one's a five minute commute from my house. anyway, more about that later.) And I'm pretty sure i decided to go shopping on the night that all the stores transition from summer to fall. The selection was terrible. Worst shopping ever.

I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of clothing out there. Everything I tried on didn't fit quite right, gapped somewhere weird, was too boxy, had obvious construction flaws. Again, maybe this is because it's end of season and all that's left is the dregs. But it was majorly disappointing, because usually shopping is where I Conquer All and Take No Prisoners. Last night I got taken prisoner. I feel like I can pretty much discount all the major low to mid price point retailers. I refuse to shop at Gap or Express, the quality is so bad. Banana Republic is just somehow not my aesthetic, I wish I could pinpoint why but I'm not able to. Everything else seems either too young (hello ruffly mini skirts!) or too school marm-y (Ann Taylor's boxy blazers that look terrible on me) I'm still holding out on Nordstrom because they have things I like, but the high school sales girls apparently don't find me worth their time. Mike says it's because I'm not a fat rich-looking old lady with wads of cash. Could be true.

So far the only store I can back 100% is Benetton. And pretty much anything that I can't afford. yeah. . . I wish I had more money.

Anyway, that was long.

I've been really anxious and keyed up lately, not being able to get to sleep at night which is SO not me. It could be the interview, but surprisingly that's low on the list of things I'm sweating. I don't know, I just have a constant feeling like I've been drinking too much coffee on an empty stomach.

So this morning I tried to remedy. Listened to soothing male voices (kings of convenience, bonnie prince billy, bob dylan "the times they are a changin"). That helps. Also, instead of taking the underground route I usually take through the Loop, I stayed above ground and drove through Grant Park, past Buckingham Fountain and the pretty lakeshore. So nice in the morning. It's cooler outside today, and I swear all of downtown smells like a school field trip. You know what I mean?

Anyway. Just writing this out feels good. Deep breaths in and out.

also, please note, my comments used to be busted but I think they're fixed now. Feel free to comment and berate me for thinking so much about shopping when there are larger problems in the world, i.e., everything headed towards hell in the handbasket, etc.

speaking of which, the Daily Show has been especially good lately.

okay, The End!

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