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1:45 p.m. - 2003-12-15
chrismas party
monday december 15

i finally got my hair cut decently this weekend. rob the hairstylist did an admirable job of making it look good but not too hipster. its still long and straight but the tips are shagged nicely and I have sort of bangs. world of difference! haircuts make me feel so clean and new.

most of the day saturday was party preparations, mike and I went to the museum of contemporary art for a bit, pleasing saturday afternoon activities.

then saturday night in the city, we leave the hotel and the cab slushes through busy streets, drops us off at the side door of the second tallest building in town. my ears pop up the 95 floors and then we are in the clouds, the Signature Room at the John Hancock building. the top of the world. first we looked out at the west side of the city, streets lined up like a faraway lite brite. then we were enveloped in what was right then becoming snow. the christmas lights around the top of the building made the condensation green and red. after a drink, back down out into the cold and everything covered with new snow. twinkly lights on michigan avenue, so pretty. fairy tale-ish.

then the party, which was an event on a scale I had never attended before. maybe catered and cleaned for, but never attended. mike's company boasts about 4,000 employees, so you can figure that number, plus dates, and that's the size of the crowd we were in on saturday night. the party took up four floors of a sheraton hotel. it went by in a blur, a sea of faces. like the biggest prom you've ever seen. and afterwards back out into the city, the basement of a super hip club, getting in without paying cover, and then everything is dim and dreamy for me. someone ordered an $800 bottle of champagne. a girl I had just met grabbed my arm and we frolicked to the dance floor. in line for the bathroom, a man with a european accent told me my dress "suits me well." copious gin.

a perfect holiday evening all around. mike and I had super fun together.

sunday I slept through 7/12 of the day. late morning, plus falling asleep the second the simpsons were over at 8. in the afternoon ryan and I went shopping, my list is paring down slowly but surely. I talked to erin earlier this week and we both agreed that now christmas shopping is un-fun shopping, more of a chore. the crate and barrel on north avenue actually had valet parking, how decadent is that?

and now it's monday and my office is lonely, cold, and quiet. bummer.

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