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5:02 p.m. - 2005-04-25
bridal shower weekend
monday, april 25.

lovely lovely weekend.

friday morning driving to Iowa in the rain, listening to Shopgirl written and read by Steve Martin. It was entertaining but non-throught provoking. Not quite chick lit but pretty close. (I should also note that friday night I had a dream about Steve Martin).

But the rest of the weekend was sparkling springtime in my idyllic little midwestern college town. a little cold, but sunny. I ran errands with my dad and asked him to identify the different trees around town, the pretty pink and purple ones that I always wish I knew the names of. Sour cherries, red maples, redbuds. This really is the best time of year for foliage. I love autumn, but I think in my world, pink trees trump orange trees.

It's so quiet at home, too. I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday (The first time I've woken with anxiety in a very very long time. Just thinking about the wedding nearly a month away.) I looked outside at 4 AM, and the full moon was like a spotlight on the back lawn, and the only sound is the wind in the trees. Wow.

Saturday, quite possibly the girliest day ever. Two bridal showers. Lots of laughing and sentimental crying. And seriously, more presents than a dozen Christmases. I'm kind of stumped by this; I don't need anything. But the dishtowels and picture frames and kitchen gadgets are all nice to have. Nativity set and antique silver flatware from my grandma, pink lingerie from my aunt and her four daughters, and piles of other stuff, all of it exactly what I would choose. I'm blown away by that. and I've a mountain of thank-you notes waiting for me tonight.

On the way home Sunday I was passed by two cars with "just married" plastered all over the back. Cows like statues in the empty fields. Three girls jumping on a trampoline in the backyard of a farmhouse. I don't think I listened to any music made after 1972 the entire way home. And Mike cleaning his house when I got there at 7 PM. What a weekend.

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