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4:27 p.m. - 2005-08-15
old list, new house
monday august 15.

this weekend my parents came to visit, mostly just to see the new house. And my mom pointed out something interesting: I keep referring to the new house as "our house," whereas I call our current residence "Mike's house." I think part of the reason I'm excited to move is that it will finally feel like a place that's "ours" as opposed to me just cramming all my stuff into a place that's obviously Mike's. It's not that I don't like the place, because I do, it's just. . . not mine.

I do love our new house though. In the backyard next to the patio are three small flowering trees in a row: one with white flowers, one with pink, and one with purple. They're magical, seriously. I wish I could take pictures, but we're not moving in until late September and I'm sure the pretty flowers will be gone by then.

Also this weekend I made a berry dessert that was somewhere between a cobbler and a crisp. It was improvised, and I probably should have used more sugar. But I was impressed with the results of my improvisation. I also improvised a pesto sauce that was good but not great. I think next time there will be less pine nuts and more parmesan. Cooking and baking always makes me feel accomplished though.

Actually, pretty much anything I do in my life outside of my office I find to be a hundred times more fulfilling than my job. I even have more energy on the weekends.

I can't believe I've been in the work force for almost three years now. It feels really stupid and bogus. But I have a bad attitude today.

I found part of a to do list from last month. this is it:

download photoshop brushes
make photoshop brushes?
make some watercolors for collage
make photocopies from bird book (find bird book)
buy old dictionaries
and old poetry books
make a bird stamp

That was a good list. Too bad I only accomplished one thing on it.

Once again, crummy attitude today. Bah. though my little brother did call, twice. I guess that redeems the day for the most part.

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