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9:26 a.m. - 2005-12-15
up late reading, christmas, good things
thursday, december 15.

stayed up ridiculously late last night Reading Gone with the Wind (I'm still not even half finished, and I'm a fast reader). . . . in the quiet darkness of the house, with Mike fast asleep beside me, I get way too sucked into stories, places, characters. Around 2:30 i went to the bathroom with some trepidation. I think i was afraid of a Yankee soldier hiding behind a doorway somewhere.

But yeah, stayed up too late, and now I'm having flashbacks to college, early morning design studios, doing critiques on little to no sleep. That jittery hollow feeling, and coffee makes it even worse so I'm doing myself a favor and avoiding it. Lady Grey instead. And staring at my monitor, bewildered, blinking.

In the spirit of not being as mopey and pouty as I've been in recent days, here are some good things:

-Project Runway, best reality show ever;
-watching R Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" and laughing hysterically through the whole half hour;
-my friends planning a wine exchange party;
-rediscovering Shuffle on iTunes;
-a little camel ornament on our animal themed christmas tree;
-sandwiches with chevre and mozzarella;
-10 days until Christmas: friendship, presents, candlelight service, and my favorite puppies together in my parents cozy house. happiness.

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