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9:55 p.m. - 2002-09-04
music, booze, lingerie, and red cowboy boots.
wednesday. september 4. 10 PM

I feel like these days I'm checking into my diary like i check in on the phone with my parents: hi, i'm good, work was fine, i've been looking for a new place, i bought groceries today.

except I don't tell my diary to put more money in my bank account.

today I placed illustrations in pre-made quark files, chose photographs from a photo shoot, and lots of other random tasks. Tomorrow I get to really show my design skills by creating some "fun" text treatments. man, I have to revolutionize my entire taste in type if I work at this job for a long time. choosing a "fun" font and adding a photoshop effect to it is a world of difference from lovingly and painstakingly hand-rendering unique typography.

I'll have to continue to work on my type hobby/passion/obsession in my free time, I guess.

Jewel-Osco carries a pretty good Sangiovese for $6; looks like I've found my weekly bottle of this season. Yesterday i was thinking about my drink of choice from this past summer, welch's grape soda and absolut currant, or "the grape ape" as I liked to call it. I need to start stocking a bar sometime so I can have a good stiff something or other when I get off work at 6 PM.

Even though I'm going to try and maintain some degree of frugality once I start getting paychecks, man, I cant wait to blow a wad of cash from my first thousand. plans so far: music, booze, lingerie, and red cowboy boots. all trashy, fun spending.

I feel like I've been writing this entry forever. so, arrevederci.


oh PS. with all the talk of september 11, I've been thinking of what I'll do or think about that day. so far all I've decided is that I'll spend all day weepy and wishing I was back in Italy. whatever i do, it'll be a day of strange emotions.

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