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4:51 p.m. - 2005-03-15
morning and evenings
tuesday, march 15.

I'm busy, but I wrote these snippets in a sticky note. In my busyness I've kind of developed some obsessive habits. (See previous entry.) Here is my morning and evening.

the morning ritual.

stop on the way to work for tall coffee + enough cream to make the same tawny brown color every day. Like a pantone 729 about, I checked. I have them put it in my new thermos with the red floral embossed leather. Then the thermos is poured into my red polka dotted mug at work. blog, news, email, indiebride checking. that's the morning. If a coworker needs something before the morning ritual is through I will be slightly irritated for the next two hours.

the evening ritual.

shower with philosophy spiced apple cider body wash. afterwards the white terry cloth robe. vaseline intensive care nightly renewal lotion. then sometimes sleepytime tea. sometimes not. if it's not too late, an old episode of the simpsons, it winds me down. if it's past 11:30, straight to bed, some light reading. the books I'm alternating these days: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary LIfe, by Amy Krause Rosenthal, or Son of Solomon, by Toni Morrison. If the day's been really long and I need to really fall asleep, I put in the ipod headphones and listen to The Innocence Mission, Now the Day is Over. An album of lullabyes, works every time. I can't recall if I've ever made it to the last song.

I've also been downloading a lot of new music. Today's gem is Kathleen Edwards. Her voice sounds like a music producer found a way to perflectly blend Lucinda Williams and Beth Orton. I'm not kidding. It's uncanny. The music is kind of a combination of those two as well. There's something else in there I haven't been able to put my finger on. But it's good. Gotta love non-threatening sorta folky girly music.

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